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    Cool If You Still Think That US Immigration Laws Sucks, Read This: From U.K.......
    If You Still Think That US Immigration Laws Sucks, Read This: From U.K...

    Woman, 80, faces deportation from U.K.
    Associated Press Writer

    EDINBURGH, Scotland -- A U.S. citizen who moved to Scotland at the start of the Great Depression said Friday that she could be deported from Britain as an illegal immigrant and was scared of returning to an America she didn't remember.

    Marguerite Grimmond, 80, was born in Detroit, but at the age of two she moved to Arbroath in northeast Scotland with her Scottish mother.

    In May, she traveled outside of Britain for first time since 1929 on a family vacation to Australia. But when she returned, immigration officials at London's Heathrow Airport said she did not have the necessary permit to remain in Britain, Grimmond said. Source
    And I still wonder what the hell some of the big power nations are still doing in outer space looking for other civilization when in fact, they still can't handle the one here, on old good planet earth.

    Btw, when ever if ever, the day that one of those space explores that are up there now, eventually re-discover another living planet, or just any asteroid rock with any form of life (even if they may or may not look like us), I wonder if those space explores are going to be remembered two hundred years later as [ discoverers, wet-backs, wet-foots, or just another illegal aliens from the old planet earth.]

    If what they say is true, and God created the man , and then the man created the laws.


    Acoording to the man laws, we are all illegal aliens, because none of us are really originally from this third rock we all call "Our Old Planet Earth."


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    Absolutely unbelievable...
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    You couldn't make it up!

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