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DySE::BettyMills v7.06.22 Critical Update

The DySE::BettyMills script has been updated. Revisions since v6.04.08 include:

  • Fix: Works with latest datafeed format.
  • Improvement: Google sitemaps faster.
  • Improvement: Database write failures detected immediately.
  • Improvement: version checked.
  • Improvement: Rebuilds database after changing "test" configuration variable.
  • Fix: Duplicate items filtered out.
  • Fix: Database rebuilt when key installed.
  • Fix: URL's of similarly named items fixed.
  • more...
Download DySE::BettyMills v7.06.22 from You must also download DySE v7.06.22 from

Upgrade instructions: Replace, and replace and replace Then run

To learn more about DySE::BettyMills, see