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    Invalid fax number for tax forms?
    I have just changed account holder's and payee's name in my CJ account and wanted to fax new W-8BEN tax form with my name in it to CJ, but the number specified in their help for that - 818 879 5284 seems to be invalid I dial from Germany 001 818 879 5284 and get signal of non-existent number. Anyone has clue? Have they changed the number?

    Thanks in advance

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    I just confirmed on their site that you have used the fax number listed. Since that doesn't work, I would use their main fax number 805-730-8001 which is listed at

    On the cover sheet of the fax, I would put Attn: Publisher Payments and include your Account Name and Number which appear at the top righthand corner of the Account Manager when you are logged in.

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    I would be very reluctant to send sensitive information, like that contained in tax forms, by fax.
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    Thanks for your advice, guys! Another strange thing, I submitted a question to CJ support about the problem, normally it should be automatic email response confirming that they have received the ticket, but this time I haven't got anything If I log in my CJ account and check the question status, it is there, unresolved. I am also a bit reluctant to send this kind of info to a number not specified for this, I am afraid they may mislay the fax if it comes to wrong department... I also tried to call CJ, but they don't answer calls at weekends.
    Hopefully I will get some reply from them on Monday, otherwise I'd rather send the paper by normal mail.

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    It happened to me last month also. I had to try several times during 3 days in order to finally receive 1 fax confirmation receipt.

    I also sent the form by mail at the address located on the website for the contact: I would suggest you this if it's still doesn't work by fax.

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    One of our affiliates had the same question so ...

    Try sending it to SB office to 805-730-8003 attn: A/R.

    Make sure you call their tech support to inform them of the form as it needs to be manually picked up from someone in their finance dept.

    I hope it helps

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    I have got reply from CJ today. They confirmed that the number was correct and said that "this number should currently being working". I tried a few times more and finally succeeded They also recommended to send the form by regular mail, so I will do tomorrow.

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