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    Reasons Why You Won't Buy an iPhone
    Lifted this from

    Top 11 Reasons You Won't Buy an iPhone

    11. Your current cell phone contract runs out in 2020 and has a $10,000 cancellation charge.

    10. You're still paying off your first iPod from three years ago.

    9. Strangely, you value "avoiding starvation" more than "looking cool."

    8. Already named your kid Iphone and it would make things too confusing at home.

    7. Refuse to purchase anything vaguely rectangular after bad experience with Fig Newtons.

    6. Believed the rumor that Steve Jobs was going to lick every single one.

    5. Waiting for 80's style boombox and brick phone to come back into fashion.

    4. Waiting for the kPhone to be released from KDE.

    3. As a child you were molested at a Mac Users Group.

    2. Already have a long enough penis.

    1. Never really understood the fascination with overpriced, proprietary Apple products. Plus, enjoy not being cool.

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    Glad I read this after I swallowed my coffee or my laptop would doused in almond mocha
    Staying focused on the bottomline

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    Hi Mack, interesting post. How about the positive side.... Personally the iphone is going to gown down into gadget history as a pivotal product that will change the way we view and use cell phones. I'm not running out on Friday to buy one (in t-mobile 2 yr contract jail right now), but really want to check it out and touch and feel the new phone as it looks really fun. After the first version of the product they will remove any issues and than I will buy the version 2. As affiliate marketers we need high tech phones like these to allow custmers to easily browse our web sites (regular sites or .mobi) and support affiliate links so promote the iphone! Did you see the recent TV spots? It will play Youtube clips which is a barrier that needs to be broken down with other cell phones in the States. My Blackberry can't do that so way to go Apple as an innovator.

    Michael Vorel
    Internet Marketing Management

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