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    Just Something a Dad Does
    Yesterday, my kids were swimming with other kids. As always, we watch them carefully. My 3 oldest boys (ages 9-13) can swim but the 9-yr old just barely. My two youngest were on a rubber raft with some other kids and my 9 yr old got dumped over the side in water over his head. He was treading water and at the point of going under.

    Just as all this was about to happen, I happen to jump in off the dock and am heading toward my son. Just as I get there, he is ready to go under so I hoist him up onto the raft. A few more minutes and perhaps he would have gone under and taken in water.

    What was strange about this was it all happened in such an uneventful way. I saved him but it did not seem to be a big deal. Just something a Dad does.

    Ironically, this same son was baptized in the lake only a few feet away from this spot only 2 hours prior. We were at our church picnic at the lake.
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    Definately gotta watch the little ones around water. Kids don't usually realize what's happening and likewise don't shout out, "Hey, I am drowning over here!". It's usually a quiet process that ends in tragedy.

    Keep up the good work of an eagle on eye them around the water.

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    You might want to consider checking with your local Y about swim lessons. They're very reasonable (about $50-$60 here) and it's a great peace of mind. We just finished two weeks worth of at-home lessons for Gabriel (4-years old) and five of his friends a couple weeks ago. Four of them (including Gabriel) are like fish now, and the other two can swim well enough to get to the side. Before the lessons, Gabriel needed a life jacket in the pool. Now, he can jump off the diving board and swim all around the pool without one.

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