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    May be picky (size of .GIF)
    I have a series of dynamic web pages generated with a PhP script that have a generated/transmitted size of 20K each; on the same customer page request a Logo.GIF is included whose size is 30K - this LOGO only displays the site name and does little if any in selling the product. Any suggestions of how to reduce the size of the LOGO?


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    Is this a single logo, or a variety of logos? Do you need to shrink it once, or is it something dynamically created that you'll need to do from your server?

    There are many programs and services that will shrink GIFs. For instance:

    A list of some other resoruces:
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    Would the image necessarily be reloaded by the browser on each page request? Most browsers, I believe, cache images temporarily so images like logos and navigation icons aren't re-called with each page request.

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    Irfanview is an indispensible free program for image manipulation. You can resize the image physically (dimensions) or lower the resolution to web level and maintain the dimensions. It can even generate HTML pages and slideshows; creates thumbnails, chops, grinds, etc..

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