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    Google Programmable Search?
    I saw this recent article about what google may be planning.

    do people here think this could make ebay irrelevant? , along with things like affiliate marketing or 'middleman' type merchants?

    Kind of doubt it myself, but betting against G is like betting against a football team that has won 12 straight games. (you know they will lose eventually, but when??)

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    >Google Version 2.0 The Calculating Predator

    EVIL ?

    Satan has been around 1000's of years and good people have resisted...

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    I think it's interesting how there is a building sentiment of fear of a Google takeover. Google has developed some amazing things for search this would not be a surprise for Google to take out Ebay.

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    Four words:
    Amazon Auctions, Yahoo! Auctions.

    Two giant mega players both decided to leave their core competencies and take out eBay. We all know how well they did.

    G* may want to take out Meg and co., but it's not that easy. Being the first and largest player in a field gives you a huge advantage. The fact that G* took out the previous search leaders doesn't mean it can displace the leaders in every other industry. Lets face it, the search industry needed to have someone come along and provide a solution. Alta Vista was good, HotBot was good, Excite was good. But none were great. When Google first hit, it was great. What a concept, ignore meta tags and keywords, count links as votes. It changed the landscape and what users expected from a search engine.

    If anything this Google 2.0 looks to be more of an attack at the giant shopping comparison sites. It will be able to list products for sale by merchants and offer the lowest price as the first result. eBay is more social, you interact with sellers and other bidders, you don't simply buy something. Now will they try a Google Auctions? Who knows?

    The new Google could be looking to re-invent itself in a changing landscape as any great company tries to do, but I'm not sure this article is hitting the target on what that re-invention will be.

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