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    I have a dumb question. How does one determine what item was perchased when a sale is made.

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    You can't with CJ. I think out of the big 4 the only one you can check is with Linkshare.

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    You can only tell if you use product links...
    In your reporting screen, you would click on the link ID number & it will pop up the window the the linking instructions showing the product. - Free and cheap phone services.

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    At CJ, Even that only works if the person actually bought the product that the product link took them to. Sometimes they buy something totally different!

    I can tell this at CJ because of the prices. I've had sales come in on a link to "Thingamagig A, $30.00"--and the trans. report shows a "Sale, $100, commission, $10".

    When that happens, I don't know what they bought but it sure wasn't a Thingamagig A unless the price ballooned up substantially.

    One place that tells what people bought besides LS is Amazon. I forgot just what you have to hit to get the report on exact items sold, but it didn't take much clicking around to find the proper link there...

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