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    Teddy Bear ideas for PurpleBear
    PurpleBear asked in a post entry entitled GoCollect?? anybody know if they have another anywhere?? if there are any other affiliate merchants who could substitute for GoCollect.
    She asked:
    I know about Stuffed Animals and Stuffed Ark......but anybody know of any other place for bears?? Gotta bunch of pages now that aren't any good.
    Purplebear, I don't know of exact replacements but I found some ideas and I have some hints for you

    First hint: look through the merchants on affiliate networks that you trust and/or are already a member of ... look at toy and gift categories as a start

    On Linkshare:
    Vermont Teddy Bear Affiliate Program


    You wrote:
    I know about Stuffed Animals and Stuffed Ark
    I found a program on SAS that might possibly interest you:
    "Strapya is the Japanese largest cell phone accessory store
    mainly carrying cell phone straps & cell phone charms over 7,000kinds.
    ...if you would like to list Japanese kawaii items, anime character stuff or Japnese Sanrio products."
    Strapya is exclusive on SAS and there's over 7 thousand items on their datafeed list (you can hunt for the bears -- I think they have some bear key chains -- I didn't have time to comb through all their products but they sell cutesy stuff).

    I did a Google search. Beware of possible fraud. I clicked one "sponsored link" that was #1 for teddy bears but it was a false lead: I got info about payday loans.

    I found plenty of teddy bear programs but the affiliate sign-up pages were not secure [i.e. https is secure, http is not secure--"s" for secure] -- I wouldn't send out my personal & banking info on a web page that isn't secure.

    I like affiliate programs with independent 3rd party networks [i.e. CJ, LS, SAS].

    I'm not keen on in-house & unknown programs with unknown merchants.

    I found [but did not join] a cute in-house program called "The Original Paka Bears™ Company" on Google
    [google it] but they only have this info for prospective affiliates:
    If you are interested in becoming part of The Original Paka Bear™ family - let us know by sending an email and the link to your site. One of our staff will review your site and email you with further information.
    Their bears are collectibles:
    Original Paka Bears Are Collectible Teddy Bears And Not Suitable For Small Children
    The Original Paka Bear Company™ - unique natural teddy bears made from Alpaca fiber. Each teddy bear is hand made and unique in color. The softest teddy bear you will ever hug! Original Paka Bears™ make great gifts for every occasion
    If you decide that you would like to e-mail them, write a general e-mail with the link to your site -- don't give out your personal info at once.
    If you think they are legit, ask if they have a secure sign-up page.
    E-mail is not totally secure--never send your Social Security number or other really personal details over e-mail.

    Beware of any site that is asking you for banking & personal info.

    It's way past my bedtime and my teddy bear is sleepy

    My last idea before I log off: Amazon -- I bet they have toy bears, if not I'd bet that they have books with teddy bear characters, books about teddy bears, children's books about teddy bears, bears, animals -- when in doubt use Amazon links as "placeholders" (that's what I do )

    I hope this post helps

    Maybe other ABW members will have some good suggestions
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    Purple bear looking for teddy bear

    2 things that came to my mind..
    Vermount Teddy <<mentioned by Rhia
    Build a bear <<don't have an aff program as they do walk in biz but I am sure some OPM can convience them

    FTD have a Teddy bear program but that is more for gifting. Google "Teddy Bear"

    Other than that, small mom-pops teddy bear companies around
    crittercreators dot com
    teddyoutlet dot com

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    There is teddytin. The site is ugly but the teddy bears are cute.

    Sparky, you can also join a chocolate chip cookie affiliate program David's cookies. Are they similar to the ones you make at Christmas and Halloween?

    I am still waiting for your recipe
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    It's way past my bedtime and my teddy bear is sleepy [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

    Rhia7 - Awwhhh Will try to make this quick. lol Got a cute little teddy sleeping story for ya. Several years ago my Mom had major valve and bypass surgery done. She developed complications and a week later needed more surgery to repair it. They didn't know or least said they didn't know what the problem was til about the time that week was up and understandably she was really down about it and not doin too well, either. So...I went to the hospital gift shop and found an adorable little teddy with his arm in a sling in hopes it might cheer her up a little and keep her company when we couldn't be with her.. Honestly, this bear is one of the cutest I've ever seen. The nurses on the floor fell in love with it and every time my Mom was away having x-rays or tests done, one of em would take the little guy and put him under the sheets with his little head on the pillow. Awhhhhh he looked so cute...visitors probably wondered what was goin on....but everybody got a kick outa seein him.

    Thank you, thank you for bein so nice in making this thread to try to help me. Really appreciate it.

    Unfortunately the majority of my links were for collectible type bears but for whatever reason they seem to be disappearing quickly. Was really tough finding the ones I did have to begin with, so losing them has really made for very sparse bears now. Am gonna broaden it some now though and gonna do what you suggested by looking through the categories in the networks for bears in general now. Do have some but will need more now.

    Do already belong to the two you mentioned. Didn't know about Strapya so will check that one out.

    yeap, have made the google searches and know what ya mean about some of those listed. I did actually contact The Original Paka Bears™ Company but never heard from them so not sure if they still have their program or it was a program they were just starting or what. Those bears are really nice and they did look legit, but for whatever reason I never heard back from them. Didn't find many search results for them either, tho so not sure what to think with them.

    Yeap, think I am gonna have to resort to Amazon. lol Not too thrilled with their links and some other issues but they may be about the only other place to find some bears. I've actually gone so far in the past to email Boyds and Steiff but guess I just couldn't convince them to have an affiliate program. lol

    Thanks again for posting this, was very helpful and much appreciated.

    Eric - Purple bear looking for teddy bear [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]
    Ummm " Build a bear <<don't have an aff program as they do walk in biz but I am sure some OPM can convience them [img]images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]"

    Umm I need an opm to help me. lol I've written to them too lol Anybody out there I find out that has bears, I've written to. lol

    Not sure if I checked out crittercreators dot com and teddyoutlet dot com yet or not, but will do so if I haven't. Thanks for those suggestions. Will take a look at FTD's bears, too. Really looking for the collectible type but as I gonna have to broaden them now.

    JAmieF - yeap, I did know about TeddyTin. Was in that one for a while and a couple others that were similar to it. They stopped or ended up at Kolimbo I think. Haven't been too thrilled with them. Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

    Actually am in Davids cookies. "Are they similar to the ones you make at Christmas and Halloween?" hmmm maybe they'll have to send me some so I can try em cos I've never tasted them. lol I made brownies for the little people when they came over on the 4th.

    Haven't forgotten about ya, promise I'll give ya the recipes this week

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    What about the on CJ?

    Check out the bear collectibles:

    They have 114 cute bear related items/gifts!

    And I think you've done this but I'll suggest it again, look through all the toy merchants across the networks because each one is sure to have at least one lovable teddy bear!
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    I just checked out the regular StrapYa site [the merchant is on SAS].

    That merchant has lots of cute bear items.

    They've got a "Tiaraed queen bear" and a bear strap series (plus more).
    They have a series of bear ornaments for Christmas trees.

    Little bears on cute key chains might be irresistible to the visitors of your site

    Some of their items are not key chains, there appears to be an interesting mix.
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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