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    Did you know that Cingular only pays a commission for a new account, even if they purchase a new phone and add a 1 or 2 year contract? I assumed by everything that I saw on their affiliate site that even if it was a current subscriber, you would still get paid if someone bought a new phone and extended their contract a year or 2. I looked hard for language about being a new subscriber only but either it isn't there or I totally missed it.

    Of course, when I searched on here just now for this info, I found the adware stuff about them. I think I may just need to stay clear of them altogether.
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    I've had extremely low conversions with Cingular (or with any cell phone reseller for that matter). I generate several clicks a day to them but none of them ever convert. ZERO - well... except my own test purchases that got free phones for my wife and I

    lol - I even had an experience where my best friend ordered through one of my links, and the merchant called him to tell him that the order didn't go through and asked if he'd like to start a new order... but without the free phone option!!! He of course did not proceed, but it was an eye opening experience for me to see first hand how low some of these merchants can go.

    I'm not going to take down any of the pages I've already built that discuss free phone options, but I'm also not wasting any more time promoting them.

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    btw helpingmoms, I just noticed from your public profile that we have similar interests with regards to parenting. I focus on dads while you focus on moms.

    Your post about your friend's cycling accident got my attention as I am still recovering from one I had last weekend. How's he doing?

    And I especially liked your post titled "To a Wonderful Father". Great stuff!

    There's a good book I'm reading right now that would be a great Amazon link to add to that post. It's titled "Wisdom of our Fathers" and I discuss it (and the bike accident) on my site (view my public profile for the link, and the blog is titled "Bruised Ribs Stuffed With Humble Pie")


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    Cingular needs to update their T&Cs. They still refer to AT&T.

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    Actually AT&T bought Bellsouth, Corp. which was partnered with Cingular. So it made the switch back to the AT&T brand for the wireless service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman
    Cingular needs to update their T&Cs. They still refer to AT&T.
    There actually is no more Cingular - the company is now AT&T Wireless.

    SBC and Bell South owned Cingular. SBC bought out AT&T and changed their own name to AT&T, and then they bought out Bell South, so they had 100% of Cingular, and then changed Cingular's name back to AT&T.
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