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    Apple Store CJ is now available at GoldenCAN
    The Apple Store program is migrating to CJ

    We are very excited to announce that Apple CJ is now available at GoldenCAN.

    You can display Apple's entire Data Feed, any selected category, Coupons, Recent Price Drop Products or Search on your website with only one line of GoldenCAN Code.

    Integration Samples:
    Apple Store Integration Sample
    Apple Coupon Integration Sample
    Apple Search Integration Sample

    Apple's GetData:
    Use GoldenCAN GetData feature to get the complete pre formatted HTML for Apple’s store integration and display on your website with SEO benefits.

    Apple's GetRSS:
    Use GoldenCAN GetRSS feature to receive a valid RSS document with Apple’s Coupons and recent Price Drop products.

    If you have already created a store, coupon or search integration for multiple merchants, dont forget to add Apple in your existing Integration.

    If you are currently using the Apple Store Linkshare at GoldenCAN, please make sure to create Apple Store CJ stores at GoldenCAN and replace the GoldenCAN code on your webpages.

    Apple Store Linkshare will become INACTIVE on GoldenCAN on 6/30/2007.

    Thank you,

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    Wow - I didn't see any notice of this until I was going through my interface at LS to get more links for them and saw they weren't there anymore. Rechecked my emails, thought they let me go for low performance.

    Would've been nice to have advance warning. What about Apple iTunes - I've had communication from them lately promoting themselves and the LS program. Will they be going to CJ as well?
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