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    Question PPC Networks that Allow Incentivized Traffic ?
    Does anyone know of any good PPC networks that expressly allow incentivized traffic (pennies)?

    The script that my site is based upon has a pay-per-click function but I haven't been able to find any networks that allow me to incentivise.

    The script is pretty cool. The member clicks on the banner and then is transferred to the target site in a window where they are free to surf anywhere within that site. When the countdown clock expires (x seconds) then BAM they are credited with the incentive (pennies) and the clock (and upper header window) goes away.

    I have non-incentivised footer Bidvertiser ads on my site which are performing reasonably well but they don't allow any sort of incentivisation.

    I would really like to find a way to enable my script's incentivised PPC engine.

    P.S.; I am NOT looking for a debate as to if in your opinion incentivized PPC is good or bad. I'm simply looking for the resources.


    Oh, and yes, I did post this question in another thread but it quickly got buried by BS. I am not intending spam. I started my own thread with this question as the topic so that maybe this time it will get noticed and maybe someone may respond positively (instead of being buried within a thread.)

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    Deja Vu. How many times are you going to ask this question?


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