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    New AvantLink Merchant:

    Hello Everyone,

    We are very pleased to announce the addition of to AvantLink! HelmetMP3 is a portable MP3 player inside your favorite college team's football helmet. The perfect (and functional) gift for college sports fans and collectors. Affiliates with sports-related content or news should considering adding links for HelmetMP3. This is a unique and focused product, and you know how fanatical sports fans can be about their favorite college football teams!

    With the college football season quickly approaching, Christmas gifts and the bowl season to follow Affiliates will have lots of opportunities to convert with this novelty MP3 player. Your commission on this product is 20% for all referred sales! If you have a sports site, consider optimizing pages around popular college football teams and then use our Product Display Builder on each page for product level content about the team.

    Benefits of promoting include:
    • 20% Payout on all referred sales
    • Average sale is over $100
    • 120 day cookie duration
    • All items are 100% returnable/refundable

    If you're already an AvantLink Affiliate, you can sign-up for this program by following these steps:
    • Login to your Affiliate account at
    • Select 'Merchants' from the main menu
    • Locate '' in the merchant list
    • Click to their detail page and 'Apply to this Program'

    If you're interested in applying to the AvantLink network and this program, please use the following URL:

    Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the AM Durk Price, durkp[at]

    Blog Post: is now live in AvantLink


    Gary & AvantLink

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    Cool product! (I say that since I did see a Crimson Tide one).

    May have to find a way to promote these.

    I like the FAQ on the site, but especially these two:

    Q: I'm not very good with technology. I need my 7 year old son to help me check my email. Is the helmet mp3 player hard to use?
    A: If you have access to a 7 year old, you should be fine.

    Q: How big is the helmet mp3 player?
    A: The helmet mp3 player is the size of those old 25 cent vending machine helmets. And if you aren't a 40 year old boy in a man's body and don't remember those vending machine helmets, the player is the size of a golf ball. And if you are someone who has never seen a golf ball, the player is the size of an egg (a chicken egg.) And if you don't know how big an egg or a golf ball is, this product is probably a little too complicated for you anyways.

    Shawn Kerr (.com) | Disney World | SEC Football

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