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    Can I link direct to "add to cart" pages for toy stores?
    As a new affiliate (joined linkshare so far), I assumed I would be able to link my "add to cart" button to the "added to cart" page in my merchant's sites. So far, the only links I can find, at least in the linkshare network, are to the specific product pages

    Can you help me find a system that allows direct-to-cart links for educational toys? Or is this avoided for some reason?

    Further info.. I have an online toy store where I don't yet have the resources to warehouse product, so I modified X-Cart to accept an alternate URL for the add-to-cart button, and plan to "fill the store" will other merchant's products, via affiliate programs, until I can warehouse myself.

    THanks for any advice.


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    Have you contacted linkshare or the merchant? I'm sure they will be able to provide these links for you if you request them.

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    healthexpress, I'm sure you're eager to be helpful but most of the posts you've replied to are very old. Maybe you should focus on newer topics instead.

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