When Haiko announced his personal milestone in early May, I figured it was time to do something about my weight gain. I set a goal to lose 40lbs by end of June. I came up a little short and only lost 17 pounds. That was the first time I have ever tried to lose weight and itís harder than it sounds! But Iíll be in decent shape once I lose another 17lbs!!

Beforehand, I decided on walking and cycling activities, and to cut down on food intake across the board, and no diet plan was put in place.

I didnít lose any weight for the first two weeks, and so I cut back even more on food. I let go a bit on weekends and generally did not walk and cycle and did some gardening instead.

2 month Cost:
1-hour walk per day
Half hour cycle per day
Smaller dinners and eat and drink less (maybe this is a benefit)

Overall Benefit:
Sleep better
Increased stamina and work productivity
Lost 17lbs
Increase general muscle fitness
Start to rebuild longer-term heart health
Fit into old clothes again (and donít have to buy new sizes)
Feel better all-round and havenít felt this healthy in years!

I once heard a good quote about tree-planting: ď The best time to plant a tree is five years ago and today!Ē

Well, the same might be applied to health and fitness. If you didnít start 5 years ago, today is your next best opportunity!