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    Which PPC Channel
    I am sure it is addressed somewhere. I am new to the forum and kinda overwhelmed with all the info though.

    Could someone tell me their thoughts on which PPC provider they think works best and why? I hear a lot of folks say negative things about Google but they so dominate search.

    I am new and sure would appreciate any insight. Thanks!!

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    >>negative things about Google

    Google is EVIL but adwords is the best PPC, if you know what you are doing.

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    G is evil, but they drive traffic. Use the search function and you'll find a lot of great information on doing PPC.

    Here's a great thread to start with: Best Book on PPC?

    You'll find plenty of other great posts in the Search Engine forums.

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    I don't think I'd call Google evil, just yet, but I certainly agree that they are the largest AND best-performing of the PPC options out there. Yahoo/Overture is a distant second, and Microsoft is far behind Yahoo in third place. Beyond these three there is only waste.

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    I concur, it's GYM only and in that order. Skip the Content Network on G when you first begin. Find stuff that works well at G, then spread them to Y & M.

    G's so good, I sometimes just skip the spreading and instead, go in search of new things to do at G.

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