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    Thumbs down CJ not posting sales? Numbers way down? Trouble w/ Verizon? I tested and came up 0.
    Hi guys new to this forum. Has anybody noticed that CJ numbers are not correct? I mainly work with Verizon and have personally set up dumby links and put sales through to see if they are not reporting and they do not come up. My cookies and everything else is fine. Sometimes the links track for clicks and impressions and sometimes they dont. I am pretty well versed on the cookies and tracking system thus I have concluded it isn't on my end, but rather on CJ and Verizon's end. This is $1000's for me. It isn't spyware, security or browser history. Anybody out there know what is going on? Customer service are dumber than the robots to get to them. Thanks

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    Do not flood the forum with the same exact message over and over again. So you have a day off to calm down and try again tomorrow.

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    I'm experiencing the same thing. I haven't made a sale since June 20th. I usually make a sale roughly every 44 click-throughs, and their have been over 260 clickthroughs with nothing.

    That's a little too high to be just a coincidence I think.

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    I normally don't see many clicks or sales on holidays but have had a sale with a decent commission and it was via CJ. Your mileage may vary.

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    CJ Sales...
    I'm noticing the same trends here. I deal only in broadband, and I've been having issues with CJ tracking Verizon (intermittent issues only) & AT&T's been horrible ever since they moved over from BeFree's platform. There is no doubt in my mind that this is going on, I've sent in test orders myself and had issues as well.

    Point blank I'll tell you the AM's for these programs at CJ will not even admit there is an issue, they simply ask you for whatever data you collected to backup your claim, then promptly forget to ever get back to you. I'm not kidding here either, I raised this issue with the AM's before and after this past holiday season, and despite receiving sincere sounding concerns about this issue, I never received a follow up.

    If you hear anything more on this issue please post it in the forums, I've been wondering if any other affiliates noticed they were getting hosed.


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    I've had sales this month on CJ - in fact, just landed one a few hours ago. Everything seems to be working fine.

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    I've been having the same problem. My click-throughs are the same but since late june my actual sales (commissions) are 1/10th what they were the previous week/month with the same click-thru rate. I don't think this has anything to do with seasonal sales or people taking their vacation. I think there's a problem with the tracking data or ??

    I gave CJ a call on the phone and they said they would look in to it. If I find out something I'll post it. In the mean time you may want to contact their support staff and at least let them know you think something is wrong with the stats.

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    As a advertiser
    As a CJ Advertiser, our sales are lower this month as well, probably due to people on vacation, shorter work days to enjoy the weather, etc... 1/10th seems a bit low though.

    Phil Andrews
    Affiliate Executive

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    We are showing sales just fine.

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    i've had sales with verizon broadband as recent as July 6th.

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