Is there a way to determine the best price for a product? I am deciding how much to charge for a software program, and training (e-book, videos,etc) on how to invest in real estate.

Does anyone know if affiliates prefer a higher priced product like $97 with a high commission like 50% - 65% or is it better to offer a lower priced product like $39 - $59 with 75% to 90% commissions?

I am wondering if there is a way to do a Google PPC campaign with a landing page requesting their email. I will tell the customer the product will be available in a few weeks and change the price for different ads. If a certain price gets more email submits then it will be reasonable to think that more people would buy at that price.

Or do you think that is a waste of time and that the lower the price, the more people will buy - only problem is if it is too cheap customers' will think the product is not valuable and affiliates will not be interested in promoting something where they make $5 or relatively small $$$ per sale.