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    Site Replication (Mini Site)
    Any thoughts regarding "mini sites" as part of a merchant program offering? They seem to be part of nearly every merchant offering for many veritcals.

    Quote below was found on affwiz's site:

    "Self Replicated Pages (SRP's), offers the affiliate a replicated copy of the merchants web site. It could be as simple as one page, or as much as an entire replica of the site. While this method may sound great, there is a major drawback. This method was once popular but is now frowned upon in the affiliate marketing industry. The reason is popular search engines such as Google often penalize sites for replicating identical content. This reason alone has greatly diminished the use of this method."

    We are in the very beginning phases of launching our program and was wondering if anyone had any input.

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    Always let them customize. Any template tool should have a customization option for affiliates.

    Also, search ABW for thread titles containing the phrase "duplicate content".


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    Thanks for the suggestion and for the phrase for searching the forums on this topic, I greatly appreciate it.

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    Mini sites can be effective. I have a few that are less than 10 pages and they do produce. But I can assure you that they are different from anyone else's site. Some are in the same vertical with products (hotels) from the same supplier, and in a couple of cases even for the same location. But I can assure you that they are all "different."

    Geno is absolutely correct in that customization is the key.
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