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    Are Page 6 PPC Ads Of Any Value?
    I am wondering if a pay per click ad that lists anywhere but page 1 or 2 has any value? I started a new campaign that has me sitting out on page 6 or so and many of the clicks I have received did not result in click-thrus on my links. Rather, I received several emails from merchants trying to get me to add their products to my site (thinking I was a merchant). I am just wondering if any clicks I get have any hope of converting.

    Personally, I like a Page 2 listing since this can convert and is cost efficient.

    I have since changed my ad copy and this has helped get better product click-thru rates.
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    Economics aside, top 8 positions (first page) are the ultimate producers. They can be pricey depending on your margins, and of course the click is only a 1st step. The landing page has to have an effective selling message, the site must be easy to navigate, and an effective call to action such as a special offer or coupon can be very helpful.

    I generally shoot to have my top KW's show up in the # 3 to 8 positions, and of course compose ads that are high relevancy and somewhat qualifying (with the limited text G allows). If the KW is relevant to the ad, and the ad is highly relevant to the landing page, I generally get pretty decent positioning in the SR's. But the bottom line on ROI is then how effectively the site "sells" the visitor.

    Page 6 results - though cheaper by appearance may in some cases actually be more of an expense than higher placements in that the visitor is generally not as motivated to order as the top result visitors are. They are more tire kicking, or curiosity seekers. Sure, given the law of averages, an order here and there may pan out, but I'd far rather be on front page where I can catch the viewers attention while they are motivated to buy.
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    Before you camp out on page 6, set up a content campaign and see what kind of bid it takes to get shown there. The traffic is often less targeted, but depending on what you are selling it can be very effective and convert well.

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    Would seem to me someone would need to be terribly bored if their search through the first pages of both PPC and generic search did not produce a site they found offered what they were looking for and continued to search. Either that or you have a hard to find item I suppose.

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