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    April 6th, 2006
    Accidental cc in email?
    Received an invite to join a new program ("congratulations, you have been pre-selected", etc etc)... it does fit my site, will probably join...

    However, I just noticed that while the email was to/from the same address (program manager), there was a cc to a contact at upromise.

    Does anyone think this was accidental (ie. we were all bcc'ed, one user was cc'ed).

    I normally wouldn't think twice, but my natural curiosity got the better of me, and I researched them here (sidebar: thanks for being a constant source of great info folks!)..

    And Happy 4th of July to all..

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    If Upromise is there it might or might not be worth joining.
    Sounds like a SF Music Box deal to me.

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    HFS! Why in the world would the AM CC Upromise?

    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    Please tell us who the merchant is.

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    April 6th, 2006
    I was pretty surprised myself.. the eternal optimist, non-conspiracy theorist in me thought it was an honest mistake.. quite the wake-up call when I did my due diligence in this forum!

    The merchant is the VERY reputable clothing company

    This one has me stumped. Was it a dumb mistake? Am I the only one to have received this (probably not, but the site focus is fashion, and yes, it would be a very good fit)... was it an intentional CC to another (much bigger) publisher... I just don't know. It wasn't "to" my address.. I was a BCC...

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    April 6th, 2006
    Was curious as to the extent of upromise, and found this in a Jun 07 press release:

    "SLM Corporation [deleted irrelevant text].. through its Upromise affiliates, the company also manages $17 billion in 529 college-savings plans, and over 7.5 million members have joined Upromise to help save for college with rewards on purchases at nearly 70,000 places."

    Of the 7.5 million, how many are visitors to MY website with it's fresh & original content?? I try so hard to make all those products look terrific & tempting to buy. How can it be considered a legitimate business practice to redirect commission from the site that triggered the desire to buy? They can use MY content, and take credit for the sale... it's equivalent to someone being able to take $20 out of my wallet. I'm feeling a little disheartened, 'scuse the rant.

    Oh well, maybe it's time to start working on alternate revenue streams.

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