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    June 5th, 2005
    Look East
    Estimated Value at $3,726,363,446.00
    Just to brighten up your day and feel rich for a moment.

    Find your domain estimated value at this site

    My first and useless domain is still worth $191,468.00


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    June 18th, 2006
    The Call is coming from Inside the House!
    Ya I would like to sell my 2 most popular urls right now and take the $45,000. I could start over and still have $40,000

    How could you monetize and make almost 4 billion dollars? Silly...

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    January 18th, 2005
    I'm certainly not sure how it comes up with its value estimates, but I'm impressed that it does a better job than I did at estimating the value of the site I just sold: LeapFish appraises at $47,586 and it actually sold this week for $50,100.

    It appraises my main site ( at $175,000. It appraises my wife's personal site at $500, and one of my long-term "thin affiliate" sites at $16 (my hunch is that if the domains were sold on eBay, they'd get opposite values -- maybe $10 and $250, respectively). It appraises the domains for my primary incubator site at $74 (no hyphen) and $355 (hyphenated).

    It says it can't appraise because "The site you have entered has used a Robots.txt file to disallow to archive it."

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    It seems to work both ways. Out of curiosity I checked a client's domain there. The client makes over $100k/month through the site yet Leapfish appraises it at a whopping $18

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