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    You made it an option in your poll. Can you please inform us as to why you want us to only donate one dollar to the lawsuit?


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    It has been repeated and repeated in the poll thread that details and specifics can not be discussed in the public boards at this time. It was also stated more than once, that the only purpose was for people to show whether or not there was an interest. Nothing more than that at this point. It was also asked by Moderator's several times that people please refrain from all the extra comments and debate. There was a reason for that. See the first sentence of my paragraph. That didn't mean start a new thread. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] Read Haiko's second post in the poll thread and maybe that will clarify it for you a bit more, until more information is forth coming.

    At this time I'm locking this thread. It can be reopened when the question can be addressed publically or if Haiko wants to when he gets back on the boards.

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