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    Thumbs down The Lighter Side - Another Merchant Blows Up Its Links
    Yet another merchant decides to re-do its site, change networks, or otherwise "update" its links, wiping out old links and requiring its affiliates to replace links. At least this merchant gave notice:

    CJ internal email 3-Jul-2007

    To All Existing Publishers for The Lighter Side Co.:

    Beginning in 2 weeks, The Lighter Side will be launching a new website, complete with new URLs for banners, texts, and product categories. We will be pausing many of our existing links during this time in order to run the transition process more smoothly.

    Please be aware of this change. We will be updating you more frequently around this time to let you know the status.

    Thank you for your attention.

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    Sucks when you have to change out links. I just have a few for them. On a positive note, at least it's in July and not November or something like that. Wonder what merchants are going to step in and take that crown this year. Wait till the shopping season is in full force to make changes.

    Also, it's probably a pain for the affiliate team/affiliate managers too. Launching a new site is a merchant kind of deal whereas the affiliate manager/team are employees with no say in such matters, usually.

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    Personally I'm glad to see sites try to improve so more click throughs actually buy something. Although it would be nice to keep the links the same!

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