Hi everyone,

I would like to get some information concerning the account removal process at CJ. It seems that each time I contact them regarding my payment, they remove my account, and then apologize saying it was a mistake and I need to start from fresh !!!

I have been an affiliate for one year now. I contacted them in May concerning my fax form and my future payment, this resulted in an account removal without notice: the issue was I did not explain clearly my incentive description. Ok, I am fine with that.

Now, I had to start from fresh for June (setting up again all the links on my websites), I contacted a Network Quality agent in order to verify my incentive description was correct, no problem at this point.

July, I contact them concerning my payment and they remove my account again, still without notice. I am waiting for their email now, where thay will explain to me they are sorry for the mistake and I need to start from fresh one more time

Did anyone already experienced that kind of issues?

I will call them now, because I think enough is enough.