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    TradeDoubler Gripe
    Fair enough, I didn't read the wording properly, but when you sign up as a TradeDoubler affiliate, there's a dropdown box to choose your country. I chose the USA, but it's actually asking the country of the merchants you wish to promote.

    Now we are a USA affiliate, their system has a total of 0 merchants we can promote - they don't have any USA merchants!

    So why have a dropdown box that lets me select USA, if it is of no use to TradeDoubler or myself to select it?

    Why are the majority of networks seemingly designed and run by morons?
    How anonymous is your proxy?

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    I'm sorry for entering into your thread but i would like to share my expirience with TradeDoubler. I don't want to be too loud but i don't want to be too quiet either. I hope you won't mind it, i just want to express my feelings.
    I am from Serbia (for all who doensn't know Serbia is neighbour of Hungary) in the middle between Western and Eastern Europe, people living in Serbia are also mix of western and eastern nations. As person who is in online business from 1996 i have worked mainstream business and never had any problems until now. Companies like CJ, shareasale, linkshare etc are paying me on time for years now but what happened to me is very dissapointing:

    First i sent an email with questions:

    " Hello,

    I am Marko from Serbia, Belgrade.. Can I working like your affiliate?

    Do you want help me to add my wire transfer details?

    Best regards,
    Marko "

    I recieved answer which was not understandable but ok:

    " Hi Marko,

    Thank you for contacting TradeDoubler.

    The country you select in the first stage of the application process actually refers to your websites target market rather than the country you reside in. If you select the UK market to have access to, then please make sure you are driving UK based web traffic. Also please ensure that your website does not contain any pornographic, violent or racist content as these will be denied by TradeDoubler upon inspection.

    Regarding international payment, we unfortunately cannot transfer money to Serbia at present. You need to have either an account inside of the European Union, the United States or Australia. For all of these countries (except the UK), I would have to enable you for international payment. You would then have to enter a SWIFT code (=BIC) and an IBAN number.

    Please let me know how we should proceed from here. Thank you.

    If you have anything else I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards,
    Mirja Meissner

    I replied with my instructions for wire transfer:

    " Hi Mirja,

    Please check below...Is that ok?


    Please pay as per instructions given below:

    57A: Account with institution: CENSURED

    59: Beneficiary customer: CENSURED

    Note: Usage of the field 70 is mandatory.

    You are kindy requested to choose one of the following correspondent banks from the list below.

    Currency: USD
    Bank: American Express Bank Ltd.
    Country: United States

    Currency: USD
    Bank: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG
    Country: Austria

    Currency: USD
    Bank: Wachovia Bank NA
    Country: United States

    Iím looking forward to successful cooperation.


    Marko Savic

    CEO/Executive Director
    ICQ 270894060 "

    I was shocked when i got this reply from them...

    " Hi Marko,

    If I understand the information below correctly, you would like to use the US or Austrian banks as routing accounts, meaning we transfer money to one of those accounts and they then pass it over to your Serbian account.

    Unfortunately we do not allow routing. You have to have your own account inside of the EU, the US or Australia. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.

    Kind Regards,
    Mirja "

    I replied again totally frustrated... i am aware it's not professional nor good but... I would appreciate to hear your opinions about this.

    " I honestly don't understand why?
    Why i can't recieve money only from you and i recieve it from all over the World all the time?
    Why are you the only one with that politics, you allow me to register as your affilaite from Serbia but i can't get my payments because i need bank account in USA or one of countries of Europe Union or in Australia... You said i have to use IBAN and SWIFT codes and i have both of them, but you say you can't do it - to send me money.
    I honestly don't understand why you can't pay me if your direct competitors AffiliateFuture and AffiliateWindow who are from Englang too are sending cheques and wire transfer to Serbia and you don't... If that's general politic of UK based companies that it wold probably be used by everyone, not by you alone. I will ask at what they think about this, is it fair or not, if they say it is then it's ok with me, but it's all looking to me so unfair i have no words to describe it...

    Honestly Dissapointed,
    Marko "

    Thanks in advance,

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