Dirty Money On The Wires

A good article from Patrice Perche, VP of Fortinet, about the "business" of cybercrime. He states the FBI's estimate of monetary damages in the US last year of $67 billion is just the tip of the ice berg.

He outlines 3 cyber crime "business models": carding, phishing and yep adware. Some very interesting figures and quite a profit margin.

A somewhat sobering closing statement in the article:

Large botnets, in particular a million member army being prepped for the holiday season indicate growing power.
To what degree will they be garnering their profits from affiliate marketing?

They also mention cell phone dialers as the new growing threat. Somewhat timely with the information released this week about the software which specifically targets Blackberry for all kinds of unsavory intentions, the least of which is turning the phone into a bugging device even when a call isn't being made.