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    This is a major annoyance with me. It seems a lot of merchants no matter what network, have expired or non working creative. I don't know if there is a simple delete button to get rid of old creative or if you have to ask the network to do it for you. I think this should be a new years resolution to keep the creative fresh. It's good for all parties involved. When i go to create links, i should be able to trust they are working and current. This is good for both merchants and affiliates, less complaints from site visitors. I personally check them all myself before i put them on my site and there is a lot of out of date links. Also maybe a reminder that a promotion is ending or has ended. Some of us have huge sites and we forget sometimes. There are some very good merchants who do this already. Keeping affiliates up to date on whats happening helps all of us.

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    I know exactly, what your are talking about.

    Some merchants do a very good job to inform their affiliates when a promotion starts and when it ends, if it gets extended or when it gets canceled.

    But a lot of them don't.

    Its then our job to guess those dates and to hope that we are right.

    We usually end up to set the expiration date too early, meaning we also stop promoting the merchant too early.

    We also give our customers a wrong expiration date and get complaints about that.

    That forced us to place disclaimers all over the place, but it does not help a lot, because almost nobody reads the disclaimers anyway.
    We can just refer to them, when we get a complaint.

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    I am pretty sure, that things will get better.

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    THIS needed a BUMP~!
    One of the worst I've seen is GadgetUniverse whose stuff has NEVER been updated nor have they ever responded to over 20 email messages asking for this BASIC function.

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    They never update anything on the link-side. But once or twice a year, they get a truckfull or so of stuff in and until that sells, it'll be "in stock" again. I finally started to just ignore their pages except for the Christmas season (when they get one of those big shipments). Then I make some change to get Google to see the pages as fresh (and bring them back up to visible locations). No point in playing with the pages at other times because the links end up going to OOS stuff, so when they sink back into the Netherworld of the Listings as "abandoned" in 2 months or so, oh well.

    The sorry thing about them is, when the stuff's actually in stock, it sells quite well.


    As for the dates of sales/special promotions in general (not just at GU), YEAH, that's definitely needed! Especially a reminder for when sales end. I've ended up with dead sale links every time I run 'em. Dynamic banners ARE NO HELP because that doesn't change the TEXTUAL verbiage on the page.

    Mentioning dead sales is very anticonverionary, and it's too easy to forget about a sale, so I usually end up not running any sales-related ads even though they can cause a nice spike *while they're active*. A simple "sale expires tomorrow!" reminder email would go a long way toward helping me give sales the coverage I would like to.

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