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    Weird Stuff going on with shops
    I'm not sure where to begin but....when I have a shop on my site everything is good. Sometimes when I login to my account it will say I have some items unavailable. When this happens the item will disappear out of my shop and the shop size will readjust automatically on my site. -- I would rather a blank box or coming soon text show rather than Pop Shops realigning itself. On one occasion since I thought my merchant was no longer going to carry this item, I added something else so my shop would go back to the original size I made it. Well.....the item came back from the merchant so it started showing again just as it did in the beginning and my replacement items no longer showed. Now the same thing has happened again. That item is gone and the replacements are showing again throwing my site out of alignment and overlapping other things on my site. This realignment is a great feature if your shop was the only thing you had on your page but not when you have your pop shop in the middle of your page.

    Weird Problem #2
    I was making a shop for milestone birthday gifts to use at a later time. I have deleted the items in this shop and will start over at a later date. I then created a shop for just birthday gifts and loaded on a site. It looked good for a couple of days and now it is totally different. It now contains things I was playing around with for the milestone birthday shop. I did not put these items in this birthday shop but they are showing and now my shop is larger and overlapping then I originally made it and showing items I did not select for this shop.

    Could this be part of a NAG problem?

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    Hi Porkchop,
    I will be in touch with you offline, ok? I'll need some more details to send to our team.


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