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    Sad, Zimbabwe Meltdown
    Official inflation is running at 4,500 percent, the highest in the world, though independent financial institutions estimate real inflation is closer to 9,000 percent.

    Police arrested 16 more business leaders in a crackdown on those suspected of violating the government's order to slash prices by 50 percent, the official media reported Sunday.

    Yahoo Story

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    Reminds one of the history lessons ignored since Haiti did this hundreds of years ago by murdering every white person there. Now even the UN says Haiti is not fit for human habitation.
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    Here's some great recent pics of the trouble in Zimbabwe:

    Well worth a look.
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    Robert Mugabe is an evil man who has turned "Africa's Breadbasket" into a disaster zone that he is now trying to hide from the world.

    It started when he decided that the privilaged white farmers who effectively kept the country running and provided jobs for the masses should no longer be allowed to keep their profitable farms. The farms were "re-patriated" to black native Zimbabweans (many of the whites also thought themselves native Zimbabweans after several generations) who did not know how to run them. The result is that most of them have now gone to waste.

    He also decided to pay war vetrans a pension that the country could not afford, in the process recruiting them to do his bidding - especially farm repatriation. This story was big news several years ago in the UK as we have strong historical ties to Zimbabwe - but it has since been forgotten, particularly after the BBC were banned from the country.

    The dismantling of a country that worked to result in one that is a disaster is a genocide by another name - the Guardian report says that in the last 10 years, the average life-span has dropped from 65 (impressive for Africa) to 34 - the world's worst. Robert Mugabe - rot in hell - the sooner the better.

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    This is eye opening.

    Zimbabwe inflation 'to hit 1.5m%',00.html

    also wikied Robert Mugabe.

    Can't imagine living in a country with >50% inflation but in the 100's or 1000's, that is crazy.

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    I worked in Zambia about 15 years ago, it's incredible to think that back then Zambia was looked upon as Zimbabwe's poor neighbor. Very sad.
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    I wonder how long it'll take him to go completely Commie and nationalize (read: steal) all those businesses that close due to the price cuts that they can't afford to make...and then screw things up even worse by putting his incompetent cronies in charge?!!

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