We used the old CJ Datafeed and are now working on the Implementation of the NEW CJ Datafeed.

Can it be, that the CJ Merchant ID is missing in the Files? We had the Merchant ID in the old Files.

How the heck can we separate Merchants?

By Merchant Name, a Field every Merchant can change at any time to whatever he wants to? A Field that would be stupid to use as unique identifier.

Did CJ just forget the Merchant ID in the DF or was the only Guy with Database Development Knowledge at CJ quitting his Job?

Where is the Parent Category for the Product?
Or better a field like "THIRDPARTYCATEGORY" for the publisher, to populate his category structure.

There is a field "AdvertiserCategory", but that's it. Building a Category Structure based on that is impossible.

There are fields "THIRTPARTYID" and "THIRDPARTYCATEGORY" to allow advertisers to assign products to publishers categories.
Meaning, that the advertiser must spend time to match-up his products to certain publisher categories.

Thats BS. Publishes do not have a change to build a usable category structure with this datafeed.

The old datafeed had already the problem that merchants assign their products to dummy categories like "miscellaneous" and "Assorted".

The new DF makes it worse. I throught that the new Df makes it easier to allow the merchant to send his catalog structure without matching the CJ one and leaves it to the publishers to make the matchup.

Hmpf.. the new and better CJ DF is like a new better Tax Law. Less Taxes to pay for 1% and an increase for 99% of the population.

Once positive thing though is the automatic update of the DF and the possibility to download it via FTP.
I want to be fair.


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