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    Hi friends
    I am confused to choose domain names. Actually I want to sell domain. Now problem is that which domains are most valuable in the market where I can get good domain value. Short domain name are more powerful? and which keywords are most popular like calling cards, finance, Poker and adults etc. related domains?
    So, I hope here are a lot of domain expert can suggest me.
    Thanks! for your help.

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    I will suggest you to have a look at domain marketplaces of forums like digital point, namepros, sitepoint, etc... if you do some research on those forum I guess you will get a good idea of domain business

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    Or domainstate.

    Guessing that English isn't your first language (no offence intended here) you might use your better knowledge of another language to get the jump on others with IDN's - idnforum or dnlocal would be the places to go in that case. With the release of IE7 underway, IDN's are starting to see significant traffic arriving and SE's in some languages are weighting them positively.

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