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    Requesting help with data feed downloads.

    I'm new to this business. I would appreciate if anyone help me with my concerns with regards to data feed downloading and uploading to my database.

    I have written a php script to import merchants CSV datafeeds in to my database and its working fab. Every vendor update datafeeds on a certain time of the day and we got to download them manually.

    As i have more feeds to download, would anyone suggest me any software to download them feeds automatically from the specified urls with timer.

    I wonder how everyone manage this process of downloading and uploading.

    Thanks for your prompt response.


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    Couldn't you schedule cron jobs in your cpanel?

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    If you don't have access to CRON . . .
    Here is a really ghetto (admittedly) way of doing it that has worked for me when I could not schedule a CRON:

    1) Write a PHP script to grab the datafeed (shouldn't be to hard for you since you were able to write the datafeed upload script).

    2) Save the PHP script on your local machine (need local install of Apache, PHP).

    3) Trigger the PHP file using Windows Scheduled Tasks function.

    4 ) Trigger an upload to your host or load directly into your DB if you have remote access.

    This method is good for grabbing log files, archiving a copy of your site, etc. Drawbacks are many but most obvious is that your local machine must be on in order for this to work. Mine always is because I'm always working

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