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    does anyone use ppc traffic from trafficvance?

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    This is not PPC.

    From their web site: > "You select a list of keyword and/or URL triggers that target your offer. Our technology matches your selected keywords and url triggers with what the consumer is currently searching for in a search engine or the url they're shopping at in their browser. Your offer is then instantly delivered to them directly as a pop-under in a new browser window." < (emphasis added)

    Pop-unders are "disfavored" by most ethical publishers and advertisers, and some networks (such as ShareASale) expressly prohibit the use of "pop-unders."

    What you get, with a pop-under, is "negative branding" -- people don't want the pop-under, they are surprised and confused when they find it, and they worry that their computer is infected with adware or spyware (though pop-unders are usually triggered by participating web sites and "fake search engines," they can also be triggered by "toolbars" and "adware").

    The consumer will associate your brand with this negative experience and negative emotions, so that if they later see your brand, they will probably seek to avoid it.

    I must admit, these folks do a much more effective job of marketing their service than the folks who sell "100,000 visitors for $39" and such, who are doing exactly the same thing. Unlike most of their sleazy competitors, this sleazy outfit actually publishes an address and a toll-free phone number.

    I must emphasize that the thread title, and the question, are completely misleading, because this company does not operate a PPC (pay-per-click) program. There is no "click" involved, so it is absurd to refer to this as a "pay per click" program. A PPC program is one where the consumer has chosen to respond to your ad by clicking to visit your site. With this pop-under program, the consumer has not sought to visit your web site.
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    thanks for your input...

    i guess the best bet for my ppc advertising is using major search engines rather than these pop up / pop under companies.

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    Reply from Trafficvance
    Thank you for your imput, Mark, however we do not appreciate being referred to as a "sleazy outfit". We operate a legitimate business, return all phone calls and messages, and in no way intend to confuse or mislead anyone.

    If you read our site carefully, you will find that we do not offer 'PPC' traffic. We are very transparent with our users and our advertisers as to the source of our traffic. We'll be glad to share this with anyone that makes an inquiry for our services.

    As for negative branding, this is a part of any advertising medium. There's a give-and-take relationship between media and advertising. Without advertising, media content would be outrageously expensive to receive. While some forms of advertising are clearly less intrusive than others, the more intrusive advertising is most often effective. It is clearly a fact that highly branded products (such as Pepsi) woudn't want the exposure of advertising with popups, most all online advertisers don't mind the use of them to push their product, and often see better results than using banners or search traffic, it depends on the offer.

    We're not here to advertise our services, but rest assured, we are in no way a "sleazy outfit". We are a legitimate company that prides ourselves on professionalism; not creating exposure for ourselves by bashing our competitors. In fact, our proprietary source of this traffic is about one week out from becoming Truste certified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trafficvance
    In fact, our proprietary source of this traffic is about one week out from becoming Truste certified.
    I read it all, but you saved the best part for last.

    Truste huh... well here's some reading for you:

    Vomba's there, they're a Zango copycat, and we're telling Truste about the things they're not testing. They ventured into a new area and approved some folks without knowing the problem areas to check, they're learning and won't be so naive for much longer.

    And here, you'll find people sending real traffic to merchants - so when your kind comes along - the kind that lacks ethics and will do anything to anybody to make a buck - you don't get the warmth your double-speak gets elsewhere.

    Your crapware leeches off of the real product promotion we do here.

    Claiming Truste means you don't leech is like so many claims we've heard before, a twist of the truth from people with short-term tricks up their sleeve.

    After you've long been washed away with the other trashy downloads, I'll be here making money and calling scumbags like you, scumbags.

    Learn to wear your sleazy label, it's the shirt you've picked out for yourself. Don't avoid the choices you've made in life, take pride in them. "Proprietary" don't impress us, neither does poaching off of traffic others generate because you're incapable (or unwilling) to engage in legitimate marketing.

    When your crapware hits the street, approved by Truste, some of us will take a look at it - so thanks for the heads up. I'm sure it's mother-mary-virginware that we'll alll rush out and download.

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    Grumble...third time to try and post this..browser crashes every time I hit Submit. Let's see if 3 is the lucky charm.

    TrafficVance = Ideal Exposure = ArcadeRockStar

    Looks like Take2Games/RockStar Games (Grand Theft Auto folks) recently took possession of the ArcadeRockstar web site.

    So in the name of transparency, what is the adware application you are using to deliver TrafficVance advertising and where is it distributed? It's not so tranparent on the TrafficVance web site, at least I didn't find that information anywhere. Indeed I didn't see any direct references to that the ads are delivered through adware. Closest I saw was in the FAQ's where you state your "technology" isn't spyware.

    Joy, joy, joy. Another 3rd party adware company selling CPVs for less than a penny a pop. No doubt there are already some lazy affiliates signed up doing the forced click thing on merchant's shopping carts.

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