Hey everyone,

I'm brand new here both with ABW and with the industry in general. And I'm really appreciating all the great feedback and info everyone provides here on these forums.

I'm really trying to help out others on this forum with whatever new things I hear and learn.

In addition to being an affiliate manager for a performance marketing company, I also co-founded a non-profit that helps sick children and families in the Philippines. http://www.kamayatpuso.org

Now after reading through all these posts, I started thinking to myself, is it possible to start some sort of affiliate marketing program for this non-profit? also, are there other ways to use these new skills I'm learning to spread the word about what we are doing?

We are currently going to put an online store, since we taught the mothers how to make handmade jewelry...they are going to then sell it to help the rehabilitation center self-sustaining.

Any thoughts? Your feedback would be most appreciated.

Best Regards,