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    Problems with Merchant Feeds
    How many of you have problems with feed layouts or formats - such as imbedded html within a field or category problems, such as in this Past Thread ?

    The reason I am asking this, I have developed a Feed Cleaner which should solve some of these problems. I started writing this windows program for my own sites, but thought maybe others would also want something like this. It should be completed approximately the end of the month.


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    Feed Issue
    No one else has issues with feeds having a wrong format or junk in the middle of the feed?? Do you just find a different Merchant for the products you need? or deal with the crappy feed & delete the rows out of it within Excel.

    I have an indy feed which has embedded html in the description field - but only for some of the products. I used Excel a couple years ago - to clean up the feed, and put it in a standardized layout, but I was getting tired of searching through the file for good rows, so I wrote an application (to see if I could do it - also I was tired of Excel).

    Was just wondering what all of you did to deal with this --- or is it just an isolated problem??


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    Its not an isolated problem - as for me, I'm modifying the feed anyway so its no biggie to clean it up
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    Merchant Feeds Can Be A Pain
    It's always the same with merchant feeds and nine times out of ten it's because the merchant doesn't understand feeds properly.

    How many feeds out of date with inaccurate pricing? How many with broken images? How many with next to nothing in terms of a decent long description?

    As for errors, well most scripts can handle errors and false categorisation. It's fairly easy to identify and delete the items from the display without editing the datafeed.
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