The biggest frustration I have with SaS is there is no way to differentiate between programs that have ended and programs that went off line because they weren't paying attention to their bills.

Since the interface doesn't give me the information I need, I occasionally contact the merchant. Each time I've contacted merchants they've claimed that they did not know their SaS program was offline. In some cases they come back online after I contact them.

This makes me wonder what Share-a-sale does to contact merchants that go off-line. Does SaS contact the merchant? Do they provide stats on missed traffic? Or do they simply wait for the merchant to log into their account?

I also am baffled as to why Share-a-sale doesn't have a "foreverly offline" status.

Well, maybe they have some sort of thing about wanting to use words that are in the English language.

If I had a program like SaS, I would have a process where I contacted temporarily offline merchants. The process would ask the question: "Do you wish to continue this program?" If they said no, I would set the flag on their site to "discontinued." This would save active affiliates a great deal of time.