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    Best case scenario?
    Hi everyone,
    Now that my affiliate program is live, and I have had 22 merchants sign up in less than 48 hours, I'm wondering what is the norm and what should I expect?

    Now I'm not going to argue or gush over my product, so instead I will just ask you affiliates some questions:

    How many sales do you get from an average merchant a month? Perhaps sales are so different in commission and price that it's almost pointless to ask that...
    How quickly/slowly do the sales start to materialize?

    I'm just looking for rough guidelines from the people who are already in the thick of it. I don't want to be concerned for no reason, or ecstatic for the wrong reasons.
    Thank you for any advice you care to give

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    Couple of things:

    For sake of communication, you had Affiliates sign up, not merchants...

    Second, getting sign ups is one thing. Activating affiliates is quite another. Keep an eye on you weekly progress report (You're on SaS, right?). It doesn't matter (today) how many affiliates you have, but rather how many have put up links, and how many are sending traffic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noth
    Couple of things:

    For sake of communication, you had Affiliates sign up, not merchants...
    Oh geezus...

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    It also depends on the products, how effective the affiliate is in your industry and within your product line (Just because someone can sell company a's widget does not mean the exact same widget on company Bs site will sell or convert), the effectiveness of your recruiting techniques, the relationships you build with your affiliates to get them to push you instead of the other person, the effectiveness of your links (banners, text, advanced, widgets, graphics, product, etc....), etc.....

    Your success will depend on your dedication. and hey if it doesn't work out or if you decide it might be best to outsource the program for at least the launch, there are tons of OPMs here as well as AMs and OPMs who you can hire or get advice from for free.
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    There are many different factors and no 'average' as such.

    Could you tell us a little more about the scheme?

    Are you singed to a network, and if not, what method did you use for affiliate recruitment?

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    Yes, I am signed up in ShareASale, and this is the announcement thread:

    I guess I don't know what I'm asking. The variables are so many that there really isn't an answer...
    But hey, it's exciting and it's a big step for me and my company and I like to be here

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