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    Customized Reports @ AvantLink
    Hey Everyone,

    Yesterday we announced customer Hit Trails. And here's another cool feature that we just added to the reporting system. You can now customize your reports in AvantLink. Report customization options include the number of records to show per page and available columns for display.

    It's real easy. If you click on "Reports' from the main menu, any reporting results will have a link for customization in the upper right hand corner labeled "Customize display settings for this report".

    Let me know what you think

    More info on our blog: Customized Report Settings

    Gary M

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    that hit trail report is awesome. Its so cool to see how/when a cookie was set to make a sale. Interestingly, I've seen multiple cookies being set from a few of my sites before the user finally decides to buy. Its interesting to see the behavior, particularly as it relates to certain brands and products. Helps in my promotion of those products. And thanks for adding in those other reports too. You guys rock.

    I did notice something weird though in the way reports are being displayed. Not sure if this happens in firefox, but in IE, the reports get "framed" in, so there are extra scroll bars. On the big table reports, it can get a bit annoying trying to move around through the table. Anyhow, not really a big deal, but thought I should let you know. Keep up the great work!

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