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    I'm not one to usually promote something for free, but a couple month's ago I bought T Mobile's Pocket PC Phone Edition (I'm serious, that is NOT an affiliate link)and think some of you might find this little wonder useful. I know there are others being offered out there, and if any of you know of one you think to perhaps be better than this one, do please let me know. If so I will buy it.

    I became aware of this puppy several months ago after my 12 year old brought one home from Comp USA. This is a really cool gadget and I was quick to get myself one too after checking it out. I was not impressed with the older WAP phones when they first came out. Now I think they are finally making progress in this area as T Mobile's PC Phone Edition blows those other cheesy "internet" phones out of the water. It brings up webpages in their standard format and color! Naturally you have to do some serious side to side scrolling, but in essence there is no way around that due to it's screen size. Click and send email by inputting your own POP3 and SMTP servers, check your stats via affiliate interfaces on the net, this little pimp takes cookies and you can even post in most forums. This is a net junkies dream! I like it most of all because it allows me to be on the go and still check/control so much of my current dealings. Then to top it all off, it works as a phone as well! I picked up one in Phoenix, Arizona for $510.00 after taxes. They have several plans to suit your usage needs for the phone and the internet. (requires two separate accounts). I pay a little over $100.00 bucks a month for mine, but I use the hel1 out of it. Normally, I don't usually give a rat's @ss about electronics but this little puppy is the bashiznit of phones and pocket pcs as far as I have seen.

    It has allowed me to leave the house when before due to something going on I was tied to the computer or had to lug around a laptop. If you know someone who is internet inclined, and find them worthy of it's price, I'd recommend getting them one. I bought mine for myself but if someone would of gave it to me it would of been the best gift I've ever got by far. Just a thought.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Now if it could only run Dreamweaver, I'd never have to leave the donut shop.

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