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    Schmoozing The Local Giants?
    I'm planning a press conference for a new project launch in my local area, and I wanted to use a big office store (OfficeDepot, Staples, etc) as my backdrop.

    Basically, hold my event in their parking lot.

    My problem? I don't have a clue how to approach the management to ask permission to do something like this.

    My first thought is to present these benefits to whoever can say yes:

    -I'll do it on a Sunday (bring business and publicity in on a slow day)

    -My event will attract small-medium sized business owners (targeted potential customers)

    -I can pass out {sponsor} promo materials

    and I'm sure I'll come up with several others.

    What else do you guys think I could do to go in and close the deal on something like this?

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    Plan it early and hit up the biggest store first. Then you can refine your pitch for the next based on concerns learned.

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    Just a heads up so you can be prepared, you might have to take out additional insurance. I know that when I am involved in events outside stores in shoping centers (thru 2 organizations) we are required to take out additional insurance so that the property management and the store/company is not fully liable for accidents or injuries.
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    Mellie - interesting note.

    When you first started holding your events, who did you speak to for authorization? Property manager, or store management?

    Thanks a ton for your input guys!

    anyone else... don't hold back!

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