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    The topic is simple,

    Tips and tricks that would make an ad network the very best...atleast improving it...

    Transactions - I have thought of a little stuff here...

    Let's just put together a few points and come to a conclusion here...Perhaps it could help us...There are many ad networks that would read this...

    When a transacion occurs...

    The merchant has 3 things he can do...


    He has to take action on the transaction within a month of the event...


    A transaction took place on jan 1 - he has to either accept, reject or keep it pending within and upto jan 31st

    If the transaction is pending, he may view the reports of the transactions...

    However, the pending transaction has 30 days only...In these 30 days, the transaction has to be either accepted or reversed...

    To help the merchant...
    a transaction took place on 1st jan, the merchant hit the pending button on 5th jan...

    So by 5th feb the merchant has to take some action over the pending transaction or else the transaction is send to the "Auto Confirm Zone"

    An alert Zone will help the merchant further, The transaction was send to the pending area on 5th jan...25days from the 5th (30th Jan)

    On the 30th of jan, the transaction will enter the ALERT ZONE

    Features of the Alert Zone

    Once a transaction has entered the Alert Zone The merchant has to take some action (Accept/Reverse) within 5 days or else the Transaction enters the "Auto Confirm Zone"

    Reversal Zone

    A transaction has taken place on a particular date, the advertise can accept or change the status to pending...

    Accepted Zone
    Within 1 mth from the date of acceptance, the transaction has to be confirmed or else the transaction would be send to the "Auto Confirm Zone"

    The transaction can be reversed or held as pending...(The transaction could be held pending for a period of 10 days)
    If in those 10 days, No action has taken place, then transacton enters the "Auto Confirm Zone"

    However, within those 10 days, if the transaction is reversed...Then the transaction enters the "Reversal Zone"

    "Auto Confirm Zone"
    This zone is simple, if a transaction enters this zone, the merchant cannot alter it...The money value would be deducted from his account when it enters this zone...


    Pls - feedback is appreciated...

    It's about time I release version 1.0
    (Coming soon)

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    It's about time I release version 1.0
    (Coming soon)

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