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    WildOutpost biting the dust?
    Got this in email from

    "I want to thank you for participating in the Affiliate Program, but we have sold the company and the new owners decided not to keep the affiliate program running. Thank you very much for participating in the program and we wish you the most success. Please remove all links, banners and datafeeds as soon as possible because the program will be closed shortly.

    Thank you for participation.

    The Team

    Ah, well. Never was able to work with them much. On to others, I guess!
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    Yes, I too just received their email just now. Don't understand why were'nt given more notice. I want to aplogize for the huge inconvience, we were not advised in advance.
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    and have not been involved with them for a while...
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    Yeah, I was going to say. Thought ARC had parted with them months ago...
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