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    Implementing affiliates with an IP-based password
    Hello everyone,

    I am a forex trader who records his trades in an online blog. I also sell a trading course explaining my system. However this course-selling thing is beginning to take too much time from my actual main activity: trading. Someone hinted me that I could run an affiliate program to let other people commercialize the course for me and that's who I got investigating in this topic.

    I have a question though: the course is hosted in a password-protected area of my server. Upon paypal payment, the system automatically grabs the user's IP and generates an individual password. Each user has his own password which is double-matched with his IP by the system. I implemented this system in order to avoid the password being mass-abused over the internet. Now that I am going to enroll an affiliate program, my question is: how do I implement such password-protection system into an affiliate program? In order for the system to grab the user's IP and generate a password of it, they must click the PayPal logo on my website, but if from now on those sales are going to come from external sources, how do I do it? perhaps there are other possible solutions to secure that the course wont be exploited by many people using the same password?

    I'd highly appreciate your insight. Thank you in advance.

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    I'm surprised that the idea of a IP based password works at all. Every time I need to reconnect to my ISP I get a different IP address ... and they can be very different. I also travel a fair amount and need to sign in from different computers in different countries. I wouldn't even consider any program that insisted I have a static IP address.


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    I agree with Staril. Using an IP based system is probably not a good idea. Some user IP addresses change all of the time. AOL is the worst ISP to work with for a system like this because each page that a user requests can come from a different IP due to their screwy proxy system.

    The bottom line is that most users do not have control over their IP address.
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    I understand...

    What alternative could I implement in order to not incur in the risk of the course being mass-distributed over the net while also benefiting from the affiliate program?

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTB
    I understand...

    What alternative could I implement in order to not incur in the risk of the course being mass-distributed over the net while also benefiting from the affiliate program?

    Thank you!
    It's a bit of a problem - the minute you allow people access to your content, all they need to do is ctrl +c ctrl +v and it's been emailed to the masses.

    That being said you could implement a login system where the user can be logged in from only one place at a time, either via a session, a database implementation, or whatever way you feel like doing it - banks do it all the time with their systems.


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    You keep an eye on the activity. If you see more activity than usual in an account, multiple connections at one time, or IP addresses from all over the map, then you know something is up.
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