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    Feature Requests
    Brian, we talked about all these, but I thought I would put them out for comment.

    1) Newsletter Functionality
    a. Tracking opens, clicks etc
    b. A new sort feature that lets me sort by how long they have been an affiliate with our program or the approval date. For instance, 50 people have signed up since I sent out the June newsletter and Iíd like an easy way to resend to that group which I donít have now.

    2) Bonus Programs
    It would be great to have a criteria that is based or related to join date or acceptance date. We are trying to creative an incentive for people that have x amount of traffic or sales in the month that they join in order to get them ramped up quickly. The current options are great, but donít support this.

    3) More info on affiliates
    Even if you made it optional, this would help the best affiliates show their track record. Just knowing how long they have been on the network, how many transactions they have had, programs joined, etc would be really helpful. Even knowing that they have converted a sale would really help me. Affiliates can easily calculate how much our sales are, I donít see why they should not have to be more transparent with their own performance, especially when this industry has a lot of fraud. Ebayís model of transparency has worked very well and makes both sides equally accountable with all of their transactions public. If an affiliate is doing something shady to one merchant, itís probably true for others as well.

    4) Spell checking in contact forms to affiliates.
    Also the ability to add a signature would be great.

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    I'll throw out one more feature that i'd really like to see....

    The ability to run a sales/commission report based on a date range. This is a big one for me!

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    Regarding the affiliate info, not sure why some of it is pertinent. For example, how is the number of transactions I've had and the number of programs, or which ones I belong to important? I believe you can see if we are active and if our status is full or limited. Full will mean we have generated enough commissions to receive a check.

    Having few or many sales is not indicative of the affiliates work ethics. The size of our sales does not indicate our ability to sell, some promote lower ticket items. Likewise date started is not relevant to our ability to perform.

    When we look at a merchants stats we realize that those may be skewed by several factors so it is not as easy from our end as you might think.

    I'd suggest looking at an affiliates website, just like we examine merchants website to make the ultimate decision. if you have questions or doubts contact the affiliate. After an affiliate has applied and you've approved, reach out with a welcome and an offer of availability. Some will respond, some won't, most will file the contact information away.

    Your other points are more for other merchants to comment on but I do have to say spell check would be helpful in many cases.
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