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    Adwords - Higher 'ave pos' = better conversion rates??
    I've always been happy with the amount of traffic I get from Adwords, but my Conversion rates seemed to be low (ok, lower than other affiliates per my affiliate manager).

    So, I recently increased my bids slightly, which increased the 'average position' of my ads in Google results. Now my keywords have an 'ave pos' of 4, as opposed to 7. I don't have a lot of data yet, but my conversion rate for that publisher seems to have gone up since I made that change (ie. # of people that clicked through to the publisher and actually filled out the information to generate a lead)

    Has anyone else noticed that having a higher 'average position' ranking for your keywords in Adwords seems to generate "better" traffic (ie. traffic that are more likely to generate a lead) ? My initial thoughts were that "traffic is traffic" but this latest observation seems to dispute that.

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    It varies a lot, you're going to need lots of data to confirm the best position.

    But I agree that there's a shift - actually there's two and they oppose each other and they overlap each other.

    I'd guess that you've generally moved towards the sweet spot where they overlap.

    Move much higher and things may slip a tad.

    All I've said leaves out volume, which is a partial goal as well - so don't anybody switch positions or anything - but do experiment to find your spot, then take up residence on it.

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