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    affiliate summit was great - but I missed some of you, events and a party
    I was going to bump those posts from Kim, Ron, Annie and others looking for me and the thanks but better late than never with a long boring post here.

    Been a long week locally and feel bad I missed some of the events like the party (thank you for the invite) but next time getting out of Miami is the only way for me lol. Infact I'll be booking at the Rio in Vegas for at minimum 4 days for sure.

    Thank you Missy and Shawn for a great Miami event and it was good meeting you Shawn, had a great time. I've attended other non affiliate marketing events in the past but you folks sure know how to make Affiliate Summit one of the best well organized events around.

    Thank you Haiko (but we missed you here) and Brian for a great SAS party. Had a great time and talk for a while with Greg, Kim and LizG and others at the party. Annie and Vin you left too quick on Sunday could have been even more fun with you there. Also was great to see you again David (SAS) and Carolyn at the meet market.

    Thank you Annie and Vin for OPA Friday night. It was great meeting up with both of you and Bob, Kim, David, Liz G, and Sandra.

    - Shawn - mobilebadboy - good to finally meet you buddy hope you had a safe long car trip back
    - Michael - amazing-bargains good to have seen you again buddy
    - Michael - suluta - good talking to you and meeting your girlfriend
    - Geno - am navigator - ok where's my book? was great to meet you Geno good talking to you
    - Loxly and Rexanne - it was great seeing you and meeting both you at the meet market wish we would have had more time to talk and meet up at the parties
    Ron - 7days - it was great to finally meet you too and talk briefly at the meet market. Missed talking to you some more at the SAS party
    - Kim - 4Checks - you're welcome and you were so nice to meet and talk both Friday and Sunday that I will gladly invite you and your husband with my wife and others in Vegas again, be ready.
    - David - BlueCPA - looks like you had a great time at the OPA, you said there was nothing similar in your area, get one going buddy, your turn to invite.
    - Bob - Rainmaker - good meeting you buddy and talking with you, just don't forget I'll be lost in your town so your turn to pick me up.
    - Donuts - thanks for the suggestion on the Spanish, and next time I'll buy you a real drink, not from the open bar, lol
    - Scooter - it was great shaking your hand and scooterhug, would do it again any time and specially for a great cause, glad it was a success.
    - Greg - CMC - great to see you again and good shop talk we had on Sunday sorry you had to leave early buddy
    - LizG - e-gazor- you were definitely very nice indeed and to talk to you. Thank you for what you told me about my country and how you feel about it and how much you helped them while you were there and what
    you did for the folks there. One day, hopefully soon, I will invite you direct from over there personally.
    - Angela - Orbitz - It was nice to see you again but with all the talking and gatherings at the SAS party I was
    not able to find you after searching around for you after a while to talk to you, hope you had a great time.
    - Asif / Michelle - It was great to see you again buddy and Michelle, nice to have met you, wished we could have spent more time as I really wanted to take you and Asif out on the town, but I heard you had great fun.
    Melissa - crazyforbargains- thank you for the gift for my daughter and it was nice meeting and talking with you at least briefly at the booth.

    It was really great meeting up and talking to many of you and even though brief and meeting and talking with new and old friends here. I'm glad I had a chance to meet and talk to other merchants, affiliates, managers and opms, hope you had great time in Miami.

    There are allot of you that were here that I did wanted to meet and see but your name tag was probably covered and I just kept talking to other new friends I did not recognize, perhaps it was you all along, lol. No problem, see you in Vegas.

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    Book 5 days in Vegas, Friday to Wednesday, minimum Lots to do here and people seem to be arriving earlier and staying longer.
    Deborah Carney

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    Quote Originally Posted by loxly
    Book 5 days in Vegas, Friday to Wednesday, minimum.
    Oooooooooh...good idea, Deb!

    Jorge - You are a true gentleman. I look forward to meeting your wife in Vegas!
    Kim Salvino, Client Services Director, Performance Horizon Group
    Reach me at kim.salvino(at) or on (443) 617-4036

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    Jorge, had a good trip back, and it was definitely great meeting you as well. Glad I was able to.

    I'm being optimistic and presumptuous, but I've already booked a room at the Rio in hopes I can make my own way down there and attend another one of these things. If it happens, great I have a room. If not, well it was worth a shot. But I have some time to try and make it happen.

    Shawn Kerr (.com) | Disney World | SEC Football

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