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    Question about merchant feeds
    Who should contact you if:

    A ShareAsale merchant is showing a product in their feed but it is not showing in PopShops.

    A CJ merchant is showing a product in their catalog but it is not showing in Popshops.

    Do you want us to tell you or have the merchant contact you?

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    Hi Porkchop,

    I think ultimately you may have to contact both.

    The reason is that sometimes a product doesn't display because although it is in the merchant's catalog the merchant has decided not to include it in an affiliate datafeed. For instance at OLS we used to not include items which we were too low on stock. But reasons for different merchants can vary. In that case if you wanted displayed you will have to request it from the merchant.

    What I would suggest is to first email us. If it is an technical reason why the item is not displaying we will work with the merchant/network to get it fixed. If it is a non-technical reason and for some reason the merchant has chosen not to display an item, we will email you and let you know. You can then decide whether or not it is worth it to contact the merchant for that item to display in a feed.

    I hope that helps.
    Angel Djambazov
    Managing Edtior ReveNews
    OPM for Keen Shoes and

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    Great...thanks for the info!

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