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    google ppc question
    Hi i would like to know if i do ppc on google and in the add i use the affiliate link which goes directly to the merchant this case does my cost per click goes high?

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    Not necessarily one way or the other.
    It depends on what QS (quality score) the merchant landing page has .. and your CTR.

    If the merchant is also advertising, then google will only show one ad that has the best CTR and CPC ratings.

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    Ditto to what redtagdeals said. I'm experimenting with a couple DTM (direct to merchant) PPC campaigns right now, and my keywords have a decent ranking, but when doing a search I'll either see the merchan'ts PPC ads show up or mine. I've never seen them both, which demonstrates Google's policy of only showing one ad per domain. They seem to have about the same ranking too (ie. show up close or same placement in sponsored ads)

    I'm happy to settle for the occassional traffic if the CTRs are working. If not, time to tweak the ads, or try another campaign. You've got to let the campaign run for a while, though. Don't make decisions based on 1 day's observations.

    Also check the CTR ratio of the merchant (in CJ, Linkshare or where-ever). If the conversion rates aren't high once the "clicker" reaches the merchant, it doesn't do any good to drive traffic to their site.

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    Thanks that was valuable info...thanks once again

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