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    Anyone know how to remove it? Whenever I do a search on msn the browser redirects me to a site called or something like that [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]

    Help Please [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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    Ad-Ware from Lavasoft removes most of the known Shopping Plugins from your computer.

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    Y2002 was the testbed year for the networks seeing if the parasitic B-a-HO plugins could succeed in diverting traffic -redirecting commissions -double dipping the merchants and getting their advertisers mass reach beyond domain bountries. They also succeeded in fine tuning the autoloads of every type merchant/Duper "incent" offering to feed the parasitic applications. Sure the few thousand coming to ABW screamed bloody Murder the the B-a-HO perps were able to infect 200 million computers with their commission stealing applications.

    Now in 2003 will come the endless progression of both REWARD and DONATION affiliate con-men purchasing a BHO package and signing up for autoloads with 600 theftware supporting merchants. An honest merchant, who sees the scumbags for what they really are ..a ticking BAD PR timebomb..., won't be able to tell the good affiliates from the bad. The new "incent" domains will flood the network application routine and the BAD networks will even automate the signup routine with a 1 click approval for the professional affiliate management companies.

    Look for local/national charity and "good cause" aggregrators who run telemarketing & spamm campaigns for this donation group to jump on circumventing the network's CoC.

    The only sure cure is to purge ALL "incent" advertising ploys from the network's tracking system. Pull the plug on monitizing "incented" traffic and the B-a-HO's all have lost their bait and 200 million infected computer owners will get back their properly running systems.

    Lobby Microsoft to add a BHO removal and install blocker to their IE browser. This would actually eliminate 42% of all computer service calls in Y2003. That figure comes from actual on-site and depot repairmen who trace the computer malfunction to a damn spyware/adware rogue program.

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